Werks B3 Pro II  .21 Engine

Designed in the U.S.A
Made in Italy
1702-L Meridian AVE #152 San Jose Ca 95125
Introducing Werks Racing's new B3-Pro II Off-Road Competition engine! The engineers at Werks Racing have gone back to the drawing board to develop a true, race worthy, long stroke 3 port engine design worthy of carrying forward Werks historic B3 model name! The new B3-Pro II combines excellent fuel efficiency and run time with a 3 port designs traditional aggressive bottom end and strong mid through top end! The new B3-Pro II features include:


Stroke: 16.9mm
Bore: 16.2mm
RPM Range: 3,000-40,000
Output: 2.5hp at 30,000rpm
Sleeve: Three Port, Chrome Plated Brass
Piston: CNC Machined High-Silicon Aluminum Alloy
Connecting Rod: Knife Edged, Double Bushed 7075 T6 Aluminum Alloy
Crankshaft: Lightened & Epoxy filled.
Bearings: Double Shielded steel front, Swiss "ceramic" rear.
Carburetor: Revised HHSN technology, 2 Needle, Adjustable Venturi, Heat Isolation Sleeve.
Cooling Head: Lightweight, CNC Machined, Super Low CG Wrap Around Case Design

Part Number: WRXTL21B3PROII

  New 3 port cylinder design for improved performance and fuel economy.
  "Swiss" ceramic rear bearing for improved reliability and reduced friction.
  Double shielded front bearing for improved reliability.
  Lightened and epoxy ramped crankshaft allows the engine to spool up faster for improved acceleration and improved fuel economy.
  Black anodized crankcase for improved heat dissipation.
   Billet rear back plate to reduce weight and create a more rigid case assembly.
   Bran new carburetor design with Werks HHSN technology (Horizontal High Speed Needle technology) for easier tuning and greatly improved stability.
  Improved carburetor heat shield to improve carburetor consistency and reduce possibility of heat saturation.
   Modified crankcase and new super low CG wrap around head design for improved heat dissipation and reduces overall CG of vehicle for improved handling.

Note: This engine includes a Werks TLP5BT #5 Turbo Glow Plug. The glow plugs recommended for this engine are the Werks Racing TLP5BT #5 and TLP6BT #6. Pipe recommendation is Werks Racing 2013 (WRX6658C) for Truggy use and Werks Racing 2058 (WRX6659C) for Buggy use.