Werks B6 .21 Engine

Designed in the U.S.A
Made in Italy
1702-L Meridian AVE #152 San Jose Ca 95125

Stroke: 16.50mm
Bore: 16.30mm
RPM Range: 3,000 to 41,000
Output: 2.7hp at 35,000 rpm
Sleeve: Five Port
Piston: CNC Machined High-Silicon content aluminum alloy
Connecting Rod: Knife edged, double bushed, 7075 T6 construction
Carburetor: 2010 version, Aluminum 2 needle with adjustable venturi (7mm
stock) and heat isolation sleeve
Head Button: Turbo
Cooling Head: CNC Machined, lightened, low CG design

Note: Engine includes Werks TLP5BT (#5 Turbo) glow
Never willing to compromise, Werks Racing is ready to establish a new set of standards, and change what you expect from a competition .21 buggy engine. When the B5 hit the streets, it quickly became the engine of choice for serious racers, weekend warriors and hardcore bashers. Now, the Werks Mad Scientist is at it again, hell bent on domination with the Werks B6 .21 Buggy Engine!

Developed as a specialized 1/8 buggy engine, the B6 has been designed to provide the precise control that is required to compete at the highest levels of off-road buggy racing. The B6 is a true 5 port engine that offers buttery smooth bottom end power delivery, with a strong mid to top end pull. Most importantly the B6 also posses one of the key ingredients necessary to compete at the highest levels of the sport, efficiency! The B6 provides run times that rival the best in the industry. Combine that efficiency with one of the most linear power bands available and you have everything you could want from a competition buggy engine!

The B6 engine features Werks Racing's unique "Team Line" split transfer case design, a ABC construction piston/sleeve that has been hand matched for optimum performance and life span, a knife edged 7075 T6 aluminum connecting rod and high quality "Swiss" racing bearings. Additionally, the B6 also includes an aluminum body 2010 model 2 needle carburetor that features a heat isolation sleeve and is easily fine tuned to any track condition with a variety of optional venturi's (7mm stock), a turbo head button and a CNC machined low CG cooling head, all machined and assembled with legendary Italian quality and attention to detail.

Like the B5, the B6 engine is packed full of features that are normally set aside for much more expensive models, and this is all offered at a shockingly low price! Smooth power, amazing run time, with Werks reliability and incredible customer support. Werks gives you the tools you need to lead; the only thing missing is you! Get Werks, or get worked!  Part# WRXTL21B6