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Made in Italy

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WERKS "Pro Clutch"

WRX6550 34mm light Pro Clutch

WRX6551 34mm medium Pro Clutch

WRX6552 34mm heavy Pro Clutch

WRX6555 32mm light Pro Clutch

WRX6556 32mm medium Pro Clutch

WRX6557 32mm heavy Pro Clutch
34mm "Pro Clutch" part numbers
32mm "Pro Clutch" part numbers

Werks Racing is proud to announce the release of thier new feature packed "Pro Clutch" series of high performance 4 shoe racing clutches. Offering unrivaled flexability and tunability for the serious racer looking for that edge!  The "Pro Clutch" uses a tried and tested system for the easiest possible assembly, the shoes and springs are just slipped over the clutch pins and then the top plate simply slides on and is given a 1/4 twist to load the springs and you are done! It literaly takes 10-15 seconds to assemble the complete clutch! As an added bonus, pe-assembled clutches can be stored in the pit box for quick swaps of the entire clutch system. This truely comes into play with our different weight flywheels!

Show up at the track in the morning ans see that there is a layer of fluff on the track and the cars are having a lot of wheel spin making them difficult to control? Simply pop of the clutch bell and install a medium or heavy weight "Pro Clutch" system to smooth out the power delivery of your engine, their by reducing wheel spin and making your car easy to control! Later as the track starts to groove up and you an put the power down,  simply switch over to a light weight "Pro Clutch" and you are back to a punchy, aggressive engine!

The Werks "Pro Clutch" is available in both 32mm and 34mm diameter flywheels to fit in all of todays modern racing buggy and truggies. Included with the clutch system are our new "Long Life" aluminum clutch shoes which in most cases will last up to 2 gallons a set as well as 0.9mm, 1.0mm and 1.1mm springs to tune the engagement point of the clutch! New super hard clutch pins are also standard, making notching or wear of the clutch pins a thing of the past and our coating of the flywheel not only provides a bit of "bling" but also a slippery non stick finish significantly reducing the likelyhood of gunk or debris getting stuck on the flywheel under the clutch shoes causing them to hang up!

The new Werks "Pro Clutch", when it comes to tunability , performance and ease of assembly there are simply no rivals!

WRX6565 "Pro Clutch" assembly tool

Click here for  Werks "Pro Clutch" instructions and video
WRX6570 "Pro Clutch"  aluminum clutch shoes (4)
WRX6571 "Pro Clutch" Carbon clutch shoes (4)
WRX6560  "Pro Clutch" spring set .9mm, 1.0mm & 1.1mm