Designed in the U.S.A
Made in Italy

1702-L Meridian AVE #152 San Jose Ca 95125
WERKS "Pro Clutch" instructions
To dissasemble, gently use a small flat head screwdriver to pry up on the top plate as shown. Pry  the plate up a little, then move to the other side of the plate and pry up a little. Gently prying up moving from one side of the clutch to the other. The plate will lift up off the clutch pins.
With the top plate off, you can now change  the clutch springs or shoes.
To assemble the clutch, simply make sure clutch shoes and springs are in the correct position, then insert the top plate into the clutch assembly. Place the holes on the top plate a little to the right of the clutch pins as shown, then push down to snap it in place.
To complete assembly, place the Werks "Pro Clutch" installation tool on the top plate. Next rotate the clutch tool counter clockwise while rotating the flywheel clockwise. The clutch will lock into place, then simply squeeze the clutch tool and the flywheel together to seat the top plate. Your Werks "Pro Clutch" is now ready to use!
Scroll down to watch a quicktime video of the Werks "Pro Clutch" assembly and dissasembly instructions.
Double click  video to start and stop playback